• Individuals

    I help people calm their overactive minds or mend their broken hearts by joining them in their healing journey using kindness and compassion. I wholeheartedly believe in the beauty of each person's unique experience, and at the same time, gently encourage clients to be mindful of the universal human experiences of love and loss. Thus, providing comfort while helping clients develop deeper self-awareness to explore issues that are difficult or painful. My empathetic and creative approach can assist clients in breaking a repetitive mindset by allowing them to gain new perspective through fresh insights, support and empowerment.
    The therapeutic relationship is a powerful catalysts for change, therefore I approach clients with an unassuming and curious mind aimed to create a collaborative environment formed upon the foundation of trust and the instillation of hope.
    My therapeutic approach integrates a strength-based philosophy with mindfulness training and some cognitive behavioral work as needed. I work with individuals by collecting information related to the family of origin, personal values, and unique life experiences, that allows me to understand my clients and offer strategies for healing and growth.

    My therapeutic process includes elements of psychoeducation, talk therapy, role-play, meditation, mindfulness training, EFT, CBT, DBT and coaching.

  • Young Adults

    Early adulthood is an exciting time filled with hopes and dreams for the future. However, scholastic performance, social pressure, hormones and relationships can often add up to more worry than optimism for young people. Disappointment or rejection can even lead to shame. My client-centered therapeutic approach allows me to support young adults through such obstacles by providing a warm and uniquely confidential space for them to explore introspectively, plan for challenges, and develop healthy coping mechanisms for feelings such as disappointment. For some, the therapeutic relationship is one of the first opportunities a young adult has to establish self-determination. Thus it is an empowering experience where confidence and independence can be gained in relationship with another adult as an equal.
    My mindfulness and meditation training helps me teach young adults how to stay focused on the task at hand. This gives clients the skills needed to achieve their best results at every opportunity, while not being preoccupied with concerns far off in the future, or sabotaging their potential with negative self-talk. I also have a background working with young women on self-esteem and body image related concerns. This experience allows me to help clients identify, investigate and challenge negative thought patterns, replacing them with a healthier mindset, in order to create an improved state of well being.

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    7730 Herschel Ave, Suite K
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    Individual sessions are 50 minutes

    Couples sessions are 75 minutes

    Client Focus

    Young Adults



    Treatment Approach

    Cognitive behavioral

    Mindfulness based

    Emotionally focused

    Client centered


    Strength based





    Relationship Stress


    Pre-marital Counseling

    Family Planning


    California LMFT #109121

    M.S. Counseling Psychology at CSU Northridge

    B.A. Mass Communications at UC Berkeley


    I work with many PPO insurance providers as an out of network therapist. Please submit an appointment inquiry below, and mention your insurance provider, so that I can verify your coverage rates prior to our first appointment.

    Fees & Payment Methods

    $190 for individual sessions.

    $285 for couples sessions.

    Fees can be negotiated on a sliding scale.


    Cash, checks and all major credit cards are accepted.



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    I am now a LYRA provider. Check with your employer to see if your company offers the LYRA benefit.


  • about me

    A communications major and division 1 student athlete at the University of California, Berkeley, I spent my early professional career in investment banking and wealth management before finding my true calling as a psychotherapist. After obtaining my master’s degree in counseling psychology in Los Angeles, I chose to focus on three specific areas to further my professional development and expertise.


    The first was with eating disorders. I worked under Carolyn Costin and Anna Kowalski at Monte Nido residential treatment center in Malibu, California. The predominant approach to treatment was cognitive behavioral therapy, though the program masterfully blended many philosophies and skills to create a holistic approach to healing both the body and the mind.


    My next area of interest and focus has been on mindfulness. My interest in this discipline began at Monte Nido where we recognized the significance of being very aware of and in tune with one's self in the moment, in order to care for one's self most effectively. In search of further knowledge, I found Headspace and had the opportunity to work closely with Andy Puddicombe. Andy is a former monk, and one of the founders of Headspace. I remained at Headspace for three years, meditating daily and working closely with Andy and the leadership team. I gained comprehensive knowledge of Andy's valuable teachings on meditation as an approach to developing mindfulness, and also had the unique opportunity to experience the challenge of translating ancient teachings for the modern world.


    My final focus has been working with couples under Dr. Sue Johnson's emotionally focused therapeutic approach. With couples I have been able to use my previous training to help clients feel and understand complex emotions more skillfully. Empathetic communication is then taught and practiced. These newly developed skills enrich the understanding between people, thus creating a bonding experience that strengthens their emotional connection and replaces repetitive cycles of misunderstanding and frustration with genuine understanding, alignment and unity.


    This experience has led me to pursue supporting young adults and couples by offering them the opportunity to create insightful meaning from emotions and develop a healthy inner voice to guide them through a pressure filled world. I am humbled by every opportunity I am given to listen, to learn, and to support my clients. I look forward to meeting you!


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    2x US Olympian and 2018 Boston Marathon Champion

    Natalie has always been the biggest role model in my life. I'm fortunate to have had someone to look up to who is so passionate about learning, exploring, and reaching to be a better version of herself. I've been inspired to do the same and by following her lead have been able to push myself far beyond what I thought was imaginable.

    Image Credit: Christopher Evans, Boston Herald


    Co-founder, Headspace

    Natalie is kind, caring and compassionate. She has devoted her entire life to helping others. At Headspace she helped us to deliver on our mission to improve the health and happiness of the world in a very meaningful way, with great passion and commitment. I have no doubt she will continue delivering on that mission in private practice, offering comfort, guidance and understanding to those in need.

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